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Zoo Story 2: Feature

The mechanics of Zoo Story 2 are a given in the genre and an expected formula from the popular mobile game developer. The aim of the game is simply to make your park thrive. Add as many exhibits and attractions as you can and take care of the animals. There is, however, a new combining system for animals in play in this sequel. By combining, say an Elephant and a Polar Bear, you unlock a Mammoth. Think those are interesting? In addition to rare or extinct species, you may also unlock mythical creatures. For instance, if you cross an Eagle and a Capuchin Monkey, you get a Flying Monkey.

A Case of Déjà vu?

Like Gameloft's Wonder Zoo - Animal Rescue!, this title features animal families so not only do you get to unlock new species, you also get to see the parents and their babies interact in an enclosure. You can have up to four animals in an exhibit. Once you have one pet, you can purchase a mate for it and opt to breed up to two adorable fur balls. Keep in mind that you will only be able to grow one baby at the nursery initially. If you want to take care of more, you may want to spend for additional nursery slots. Also, the waiting times vary per animal type so expect it to last anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours. Though it is a simple feature, we still applaud TeamLava for adding a new twist to the game as it adds something to break the game's rinse and repeat routine.

Save Up and Progress

Zoo Story 2: Looks Like New

To earn some extra in-game currency, you may want to add some attractions to your park. There are gift shops, snack bars and even rides you can add for some extra in-game cash and that added wow factor. The payout varies depending on the time it takes for the establishment to generate income. Though you don't really get added coins for having them, decorations also add to your park's aesthetics. Aside from new furry stars and hybrid species, the weekly update includes new decorations as well.

At any time you wish, you may pay a visit to neighboring zoos randomly and take pictures with their chosen animals. Each player can do this up to five times and you can give a helpful boost someone else's experience points. Doing so earns you social points and makes your zoo more visible in the community page. This is the standard social feature of a game in the genre. That being said, we would have wanted to see something fresh, like perhaps the ability to play mini games with other players who are currently online. TeamLava has a tendency to stick to the basics and it leaves us wanting for game play variety. Supercheast answers a lot of vital questions particularly well and offers some useful game tips at the same time.

Looks Like New

Zoo Story 2: Looks Like New

As expected from a TeamLava title, the graphics for Zoo Story 2 are polished. The illustrations may be cartoony but they are irresistible cute. The menu layout is very convenient, with clearly labeled buttons located at the bottom of the screen. We also appreciate the fact that there are animal animations as compared to simply going for boring static images. Not to lag behind, the audio for the game is also stellar. The design is truly well-thought of and so we give it a two thumbs up.

Listen to the Story

So is this worth a look at all? Well, Zoo Story 2 sticks to a tried and tested formula. Whether that's a good or a bad thing depends entirely on what you are after. It has stunning graphics, a great soundtrack and a reliable system though it really does not innovate anything in the genre. So if you're tired of the same formula, this may not be for you but if you are a casual player who has never tried zoo simulations before, Zoo Story 2 is certainly a good pick. We recommend following this guide to help you along the way. Keep in mind that just like other freemium titles, you will need to watch your device purchases if you intend to allow your little one to play this game.