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With 7 maps to explore, legendary creatures to unlock and a slew of quests to accomplish, Wonder Zoo - Animal Rescue by Gameloft is sure to keep you busy. Don't worry, you won't be without help. Your trusty team of zoo personnel will be right behind you every step of the way.

Visually Enticing

wonder zoo: Visually Enticing

First and foremost, Wonder Zoo looks amazing. Graphics aren't its only strong suit but it's hard to deny that a lot of work went into making the game look good. Unlike other freemium games, there is an actual intro video and while it isn't fully animated, it does have an interactive comic kind of appeal. The art style is cartoony, which is sure to be a hit for younger players and the in-game habitats, though small, are dynamic.

The animals move around fluidly. They perform random actions on their own and even seem like they're interacting with their friends. For instance, lions can raise their paws and groom themselves. They can even jump up and down the rocky platforms inside their enclosures. It's quite refreshing to see the 2D and 3D elements blend together in a layout that doesn't end up looking cluttered or overdone. Watch the official game trailer and see how it works!

Gotta Have Them All

wonder zoo: Gotta Have Them All

Though it does introduce unique rescue elements, Wonder Zoo's main focus is still the collection aspect of the game. Head to the Jungle, Savannah, Paddock, Polar or Mountain region to bring home exotic animals. Better yet, unlock legendary species such as Griffins, Unicorns and even Big Foots to fill up your dream zoo.

With over 50 types of creatures to choose from, you'll definitely be able to find a unique combination to suit your personality. Speaking of which, if you think the bare bones layout of your park looks too bland, you can always opt to add some decorations. You can go for a theme park feel by adding restaurants and gift shops. Not your style? Choose wishing wells instead for that dash of whimsy. If you enjoy expressing your creative side, then the customization options won't disappoint. Once you've got a park worth showcasing, you can opt to share and compare with other Wonder Zoo players.

Solid Gameplay

In terms of mechanics, for the most part, it's standard fare but the game's rescue segment is unique and enjoyable. Basically you just have to chase the animal until it gets tired or you run out of gas. Once that happens, it's up to chance. You can, however, increase your odds of capturing the creature successfully by feeding it a better type of food. If you're looking to get ahead in the game then follow these useful tips and strategies.

You can also take advantage of the social aspect of the game by combining abilities with your pals as Scouts, Trackers or Handlers. This increases your chances of spotting rare creatures for your park and helps you collect pairs faster to add little ones to your nursery. Just one caveat: don't expect to discover new species though combining different species. There are no Ligers here. The option to combine animals is reserved only for legendary creatures.

Free to Play Done Right

Though Wonder Zoo is a freemium game, the system is designed to be enjoyable even without spending money. At least until the missions start requiring your zoo to feature premium animals. That being said, the initial missions may be completed for free so you'll have enough time to make up your mind on whether you want to shell out or delete the game. You can also grab free basic items from pilot Rose once daily, giving an added incentive for those who are ready to spend some time, if not open their wallets. As with any title using the model, you may want to take a look at your mobile's device's purchase settings before showing the game to your little one.

These Animals are Worth Rescuing

With a balanced freemium system, wonderful graphics and unique rescue mechanics, Wonder Zoo - Animal Rescue! is a must-try for any fan of the genre. It is available at both iTunes and Google Play and is rated 4+.

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